Mission Extremely Possible: Join Melltoo and Change the World!

Are you interested in joining the awesome startup movement in Dubai? Then join Melltoo Klassifriends, one of the fastest growing startups in the region! It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in UI/UX, graphic design, entrepreneurship, marketing etc, as long as you are willing to learn and work hard we want you!


You will be part of the team that launches a real-live app for your university. Which means you will have something real that you did to show to future employers.

Startup Coolness

You will learn about and make contacts in the Dubai startup scene. You will be a change-maker (not a chai-maker)

Wall Decoration

And if you like paper, you will get a certificate of achievement and a recommendation for future employers (but only if you deserve it).

  • Working at Melltoo has built me mentally for the future since it has given me a taste of the real world so when I actually do get into the business world one day it won\'t take me by surprise.
    — Wali Choutri Wali loves all things technology and Melltoo.
  • “Melltoo has provided me with so much experience in a short time. I am confident that whatever I gain here is building me mentally for any future endeavors that I make in the business world.”
    — Seun Sowole Seun has good taste in internships and hats!

Awesome people

We get to grow the Melltoo community to include more awesome people like you

Future leaders

We get to mentor a generation of future leaders who will change the world

Pay it forward

We get the satisfaction of knowing that we are giving back to Dubai’s startup ecosystem

Step 1

Learn more about us

Download the Melltoo app and go on our website to learn more about us!

Step 2

Tell us about yourself

In 1 paragraph (max 150 words) OR in a recorded video or audio (1 min max), tell us why you are the ideal candidate for this position.

Step 3

Send us your CV

Send your paragraph/video/audio AND CV to with the subject line: “University Outreach Intern”

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