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Nominate your community (see form below)!

Step 2

Get 500 people to say "Yes, I want an app for my community!" (see form below)

Step 3

Get an app branded for your community to buy and sell among yourselves!

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Why do you need an app to buy and sell with your community?

  • You don\'t want to contribute to the trash problem in the world. And you have stuff in good condition that deserves a second life.
    — You believe in sustainability.
  • You never know who you\'re dealing with on classifieds. And they don\'t know you. It makes it easier for them to be rude and give you lowball offers.
    — You want to know who you're buying and selling with.
  • Buying in a community of people who have something in common usually means you will get a fair price for your things.
    — You want to get a fair price for your things.

Buy and sell with your community!

A beautiful mobile app for iPhones and Androids.

A branded app for your community

An app designed with your input.

Post an item for sale in under 60 seconds

Take a picture, write a short description and post an item for sale right from your phone.

See only ads from others in your community

See where items are located on a map. Search for items by keyword or browse by categories.

Know who you're dealing with

User profiles like you see who you're dealing with and what else they have for sale. An activity feed shows you what's going on in your community.

Get your app! All we need is 500 people to say: "I want an app for my community!"

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Amity University

Community 3

App demo - Powered by Melltoo

Melltoo is a social network that connects buyers and sellers of second hand items. To see what your community app is like, download Melltoo and start buying and selling with the greater Melltoo community.


How much does it cost?

The community app is FREE! However, we ask that at least 500 people from your community signs up for FREE (by submitting their names and email) on this website. Afterall, there’s no point having an app if nobody is using it!

Who's eligible to get an app? What do you mean by community?

People are part of a number of communities, a residential community, an interest community, a professional community, or even an ethnic community. Residential communities include residential neighborhoods; interest communities include hobby groups and sports clubs. The idea is that you have a group of people who want to buy and sell stuff among themselves.

To get an app, all we need is 500 people from your community to sign-up for FREE on this website.

How do we get the app? What do we have to do?

We will build a community app for you if at least 500 people from your community sign up for FREE on this website. All we need is for you to tell us your name and email address and that you want an app! Once we have that commitment, we will start building your app.

At this point, we will also ask those who signed up for your input on the design and user interface of your app so that you will have an app that is truly customized for your community.

What is the app like? Is there a demo?

The best way to learn about what the app is like is to download our main app, Melltoo Klassifriends. It’s live for iPhones and Androids. You can download the app at

How is the community app different from the Melltoo main app?

The community app only displays ads posted by members of your community. The main Melltoo app displays all ads by all users of Melltoo, including members of your community. All the features of the main Melltoo app are also available in your community app, including direct instant messaging.


Who can see the ads posted on my community app?

The ads posted on your community app will also be displayed on the Melltoo app and therefore visible to other users of Melltoo. As a result, ads posted in your community app will reach a much wider audience but still be localized for members of your community who are using your community app.

Can we block access of the app to people outside of our community?

Unfortunately, because we have no control over Google Play Store and Apple App Store, we cannot block people from downloading your community app and using it. However, as a community, you are encouraged to monitor your community app and report users who are abusing the app. You can report inappropriate ad listings and block users from contacting you via chat with one click.

How can I tell if the user is someone from my community?

If a user signed up through your community app, his user profile will indicate the community he is a part of.

Who can contact me through my community app?

If you have posted something for sale, users of your community app and of Melltoo will be able to chat with you through the app. We discourage you from posting your phone number and email on your ad listing to prevent people from spamming you and calling you with lowball offers. If you wish to share your phone number, it’s best to share it via private chat on the app.
If you have not posted anything for sale, nobody will be able to contact you through the app. We do not allow sellers to contact buyers to avoid spamming and scamming.

What if I don't want people outside of my community to contact me?

If someone outside your community chats with you on the app, you will be able to block the user if you so choose.

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